About Us

Welcome to Midnight Aether

I bet you're wondering how this name came about...
It was something I had been sitting on while I was running my social media consulting business as a placeholder for when/if I decided to sell items related to branding/etc. but it was perfect for what it eventually became.
Midnight - Late nights for geeks is a commonplace. Whether it's gaming, reading comics/books/fanfiction, art projects, blogging, events, etc. We tend to be up all night.
Aether - pronounced "ee·thr" in this spelling is a part of alchemy. It is the fabled Fifth Element - a medium similar or identical to that thought to make up the heavenly bodies. If you've ever experienced the joy of finding your fandom, this is it. 
It also serves as a double meaning - The Fifth Element, The Sorcerer's Stone, The Red Reality Infinity Stone (called Aether), Kyber Crystals, etc. are all geeky references hidden in our name and logo.

My name is Heather and I'm a bit of a geek.
The story of Midnight Aether involves a lot of pivoting in a pandemic.
We started off as a social media consulting company (Midnight Media Mgt) and at the height of the 2020 pandemic, lots of businesses were asking me about how to utilize TikTok for their business. 
What started off as just an experiment for other businesses turned into a bustling business of it's own - and thus, Takodana Trader was created.
At first we offered stickers, that evolved into apparel and more.
Thanks to my followers, customers, and other small shop friends, I was able to open a small storefront in my local community. 
Midnight Aether was the next step in my business journey. From it's humble beginning in a very small space (August 2021) to the newly finished expansion (February 2022), we set out to create a welcoming and fun space for lovers of all fandoms. 
After about 2 years of running Takodana Trader and coming up on 1 year since opening Midnight Aether, it was time to combine the two businesses.

Let's talk fandoms~
I've always been a bit of a geek for as long as I can remember - from watching the OG Star Wars Trilogy on Laserdisc, Indiana Jones on Betamax Tape, and tons of comics and anime in between.
All of these fandoms were a great escape growing up and while I was a bit of a social outcast for being a female and into geeky things, I kept doing my own thing. 
Being able to wear my designs with pride along with cosplaying is something that I've always enjoyed and it's been a great way to make friends with a shared interest.
You never know who you might inspire and influence by being your true self.

If you asked my younger self where they saw themselves as an adult, I don't think this would have even been on my radar. 
A major thank you goes out to my parents, my friends, and especially my husband for all their support and encouragement of my dreams.
Being able to create things that I enjoy and sharing other small businesses is the highlight of this store. 
Being a female in various fandoms isn't the easiest and there isn't always apparel and items catering to us, so I set out to offer something different. 

I hope you find something out of this world!
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