Apparel FAQ


Once a customer places an order with apparel, they agree to the terms and conditions stated below in our Apparel FAQ.

Shipping Information

  • International shopper? Read our additional International Shipping details by clicking here.
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and the availability of items, orders may be delayed.
  • Many suppliers and manufacturers are still dealing with shut-downs due to "shelter in place" orders, limited staff due to practicing correct social distancing measures, and dealing with major supply chain delays.
  • Currently, orders are taking anywhere from a week to a few weeks to ship depending on the provider. We also order all of our blanks in a bulk order, so we try to get a good amount of orders in before ordering any needed items that we do not currently have in-stock.
  • Estimated processing time of 10-20 business days (NOT INCLUDING WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS)
    • "Business Days" above refer to the business days during the week that our storefront operates - Tuesday through Friday.
    • Orders may be done quicker or a little longer than processing times listed. This is due to a few factors, please have patience with us if it's on the longer side.
    • Click here to calculate business days based on our above criteria
  • Please be aware some items in the shop ship through a process called 'drop shipping,' so items in your order may ship out and arrive separately. Some apparel, jewelry, masks, embroidered items, etc. are all drop ship items which means they ship directly from the printer - we will note which items come via this method.
  • Shipment times vary based on the type of shipping you chose - Please note, shipment time is different from processing times listed above.
    • Priority  Mail takes approx. 1-3 business days, but has been seen to take anywhere between 5-7+ days.
    • First Class Mail takes approx. 3-5 business days, but has been seen to take 7+ days.
  • Once your item is at the post office, the shipment is literally out of our hands.
    • We have no more information on tracking than you do via your USPS/DHL/UPS tracking number.
    • Once the package leaves our hands, it is now between the customer and the postal service/mail service used.
    • We are not responsible for delayed shipments, lost orders, stolen packages, etc.
  • If there are any issues receiving a parcel after it has been shipped, it is the customer's responsibility to get in contact with the package service used.
    • If you need help locating a delayed or lost shipment, please contact your local post office or the USPS/DHL/UPS helpline.
    • I do not hold any liability for damages, lost or stolen packages, incorrect addresses, etc. so please track when your package will arrive.
    • If you have an address change between the time of your order and the time it will be shipped, contact us ASAP to make a change.
  • We can only inquire about missing in transit/lost in transit shipments, if you contact us via our Contact Form or through our email:

How much is shipping?

  • Shipping is calculated by weight at checkout. Prices are directly calculated through USPS, DHL, and/or our drop shippers application. 
  • We are NOT responsible for any VAT or other import taxes your country may impose on your order.
  • If any order it is sent back to us that we have not discussed and approved, we will consider it a FORCED RETURN and we will consider your order a "helpful donation to the betterment of our store."
  • We now offer ROUTE package protection on orders - if for any reason your order is lost in transit, missing, etc. we can work on a claim. Protection starts at $0.98 and is automatically selected in your cart. 
    • If you choose to forgo this option, we will stick to our T&C/FAQ listed here for missing, lost, etc. packages.

How do I track my order?

  • When your order is fulfilled, Shopify will automatically send you an email containing your tracking number.
    • Please be sure to check your “spam” or “promotions” folder, as emails from the site tend to go there instead of your inbox.
  • Please make sure all shipping information is correct when checking out.
  • If an order is returned to us from the post office due to an incorrect address/mail forwarding incomplete, we will email you about the issue and you will be responsible for the cost of the correct shipping label. 
    • If we do not hear from you after 2 reminder emails, we will consider your order a "helpful donation to the betterment of our store."

Want us to film your order?

  • We've added a "Notes" section in our cart so that you can let us know if you'd like us to film us packing your order on our TikTok or Instagram account.
    • Drop your TikTok or Instagram username (please let us know which platform) in the box as well so we know who to tag!
    • We try our best to catch the requests on orders, but we may miss it due to trying to complete orders. We promise we weren't ignoring the request!

Apparel Notice

  • All designs and apparel mock-ups are digital.
    • Designs may look clearer or slightly different colors from what you may see in person.
    • We make sure to list the method in which our apparel is made in the listing description. Those are: Screenprint, HTV, Full Color DTF, and Sublimation.
      • Screenprint Single Color: Printed on paper for a mess-free use for us. Screenprint in this style will eventually gain cracks due to wear and wash to give a "lived in" look.
      • DTF Full color: DTF stands for Direct-To-Film. These full color designs are printed directly to film to give the brightest color options. These designs feel similar to vinyl, but are not. 
        • HTV: HTV stands for Heat Transfer Vinyl - we tend to use this when we create designs for the first time. We use this until we get enough orders to move into screenprint.
        • Sublimation: This method involved a printed design that is pressed onto the apparel, where the design is infused into the fibers of the garment. Colors can look "dull", but that is the nature of the process - giving a vintage look.
    • We reserve the right to substitute apparel brands in order to fulfil orders.
      • Sometimes there are shortages for brands in certain colors/sizes which we do not have an estimated restock timeline on.
      • We will do everything in our power to choose a comparable product in order to fulfil your order without having to delay/refund. 
      • If we cannot get a specific color/size for an item you ordered, we will email with our other available options.
    • See a design on a hoodie, but it is only available in a crewneck or vice versa? 
      • Please send us an email or utilize our Contact Form and we will create a custom order for you - the order will be sent to the email you used to contact us with an invoice.
      • We will be working to offer all of our available designs in our 4 main apparel choices: Unisex T-Shirts, Unisex Hoodies, Unisex Crewnecks, and Tote Bags
        • Full Color Screenprint designs are not offered on Tote Bags
    • We offer upgrades for T-shirts into Tank Tops and Long Sleeves.
      • Using the search bar, type "Upgrades" and follow the directions on those listings for how to order.
      • If you'd like one of our designs that include printed sleeves as a Long Sleeve T-shirt, send us an email or use the Contact Form.

    Help - I can't find what I'm looking for!

    • We do not name or tag a majority of our products after the search terms you may be using as a way to cut down on bot sweeps - we want to be able to continue to offer you unique geeky apparel.
    • On our homepage, we offer the ability to search for the items you may be looking for based on their classification:
      • Star Wars/Star Trek/Doctor Who/Etc items can be found via the A Galaxy Far, Far Away collection.
      • Marvel/DC/Superheroes can be found via the Heroes & Villains collection.
      • HP/LOTR/Etc can be found via the Bookish collection.
      • Dungeons & Dragons/Video Games/Etc can be found via the Gamers collection.
      • Anime/Manga can be found via the Otaku collection.
      • Spooky/Witchy/Cryptids can be found via the Local Cryptids collection.
      • Hand-painted items (physical or digitally rendered) can be found via the Hand-painted collection
    • Still can't find something we've made - shoot us an email or fill out our Contact Form.


    • We currently stock Small to 3XL standard in our shop.
    • Our sizing is US standard and can be found on our sizing page.
    • If you are a size above 3XL please contact us via email or Contact Form with your size inquiry and we will create a custom order for you to purchase.
      • We can get our hands on sizes up to 6XL - while we try to keep most of our costs relatively the same for all sizes, please keep in mind that these sizes will may a little more expensive and limited in color/style offerings. 


    • We are a Made-To-Order shop (MTO), what that means is all apparel items are custom made per order.
      • We order supplies in batches then work on orders in batches as well.
      • All orders are processed in order of date submitted unless prior conversation of a NDB (need by date) - these are never guaranteed, but we try our best to be accommodating within reason.
      • Please be aware of the above sections regarding processing and shipping.
    • We do not accept ANY refunds. Period.
      • We only offer "refunds" in the form of store credit after the item has been returned to us - item MUST be in an unworn + clean state.
      • Received something wrong? We will work with you to send you the correct item!
        • We will only remake/resend orders if it is something that is our fault. This includes: a flaw in the design itself or missing a default in the item (hole, rip, or stitching error) from our suppliers.
        • As always, we resolve these issues on a case by case basis.

    Additional Comments

    • We are a small business and a one-woman show.
    • We do not have the capital that a large business has, nor the turn-around. Small businesses ARE NOT Amazon.
    • What you are ordering is handmade, takes time, and may not always be 100% perfect (as is the nature of handmade items).
    • We understand that you're excited about your order, as we're excited about making it for you, but please keep the above in mind.
    • We appreciate any tipping on orders, but they are never required.
      • If you do tip, we thank you for this as it goes back into the business, but please note that this does not grant you any "special treatment".
    We reserve the right to cancel, refund, and refuse ANY orders at ANY point for ANY reason.

    Contact Us

    • If you need to contact us for any reason, please send us an email at or utilize our Contact Form.
      • Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.
    • We do not respond to customer service, orders, etc. via any communication on social media. 
      • Our social media channels are for casual conversations with customers, friends, brand ambassadors, and other business owners. Please respect that.