Welcome to the Pre-Order Page!

This page will serve as a reference for all pre-orders at Midnight Aether - we aim to use this page for gathering interest, updating progress, and more. We have attached surveys to specific interest posts - if any of the items in our current interest posts interest you, please fill out one or all of the forms.

Processing Times:
Please be aware that any pre-order follows our Apparel processing timeframe.
That FAQ page can be found HERE.
The only difference is that the processing time starts when we receive the items in hand rather than when your order is placed. 
Our current processing time is 10-20 business days (not including weekends and holidays)
Business days refer to the days our store is open, Tuesday-Friday.
Please use this handy date calculator to access when you may receive your order.

If you have ANY sort of address change in the time that you placed your order to when we start shipping, please contact us through our chat bubble at the bottom right of our website, our Contact Form, or by replying to your order confirmation email.

We WILL delete the messages.
If you contact us through these messages more than once, we will find your order and cancel + refund it. 

  • Gathering Interest
  • In Production
  • Completed Production Pre-Orders
  • Completed Pre-Orders
    • Munson Bandana 1st Release
    • Munson Bandana 2nd Release
  • Future Pre-Orders


Pre-Order Progress

  • Munson Bandana 1st Release
    • All International BANDANA ONLY pre-orders have been shipped.
    • 8/7/22: 43 orders complete (most included bandana pre-orders)
    • 8/8-8/9/22: 27 orders complete (pre-order bandanas + final International pre-orders)
    • 8/10/22: 96 bandana only orders have been packed, awaiting shipment (all domestic)
    • 8/19/22: We closed the 2nd run of the bandana and went out of town for the weekend. Mailers for bandana only pre-orders came in over the weekend, as we ran out. Once we arrive back into the store on Tuesday, we will continue on the order queue.
    • 8/22/22: We got confirmation on the 2nd run production timeline. Order was submitted on 8/21 and should ship 8/30. Estimated arrival 9/1 and we'll let you know what the estimated ship dates will be for those once we get them in and QC the items.
    • 8/23/22: 1st run of bandana pre-orders could ship at the latest between 8/16-9/1 | Extras still have the 10-20 business day processing time as they are still apparel items, but that timeline starts on the day you placed your order. 
    • 8/25/22: All 1st run bandana pre-orders have been been shipped.
    • 9/6/22: All bandana only EXTRAS orders have shipped. We are working through bandana extra orders with other items/apparel and apparel only orders currently. 


  • Munson Bandana 2nd Release:
    • 9/6/22: 2nd run bandanas were delayed in shipping on 9/1 and arrived today. Quality control will begin tomorrow, 9/7 and sorted into batches to begin shipping.
      • Estimated processing time for orders to be fully shipped out is September 22 - October 11. Orders may ship out earlier, but not guaranteed.
    • 10/3/22: While we have not updated specific numbers for orders that have been shipped. At least 125+ bandana only orders have been shipped out. We are still working to get them out by the 11th. 
    • 10/11/22: We should be on par to get these out by today. While we have said that this could be the latest shipping date for the pre-orders in this round, the listing description for the pre-orders did state that we could push processing/shipping if we felt the need, due to the amount of orders we had received. If we do have go over and ship a few days past this date, this is at our discretion. 
      • Number of orders still left to pack and/or make apparel that include pre-order bandanas: 69
      • Number of orders pre-packaged (bandana only): 42
      • Total orders to "attempt" to get done today: 111
      • I still have other orders that do not include these pre-orders that I need to go out as well - if you are trying to get these by the end of the month, whether it be for Halloween or Conventions, even if I were to get these out by the end of this week, you have MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME to get them in your hands (unless you're overseas, I can't give any sort of estimated delivery on those unfortunately).
    • 10/11/22: All 42 pre-packed bandanas have been marked shipped. We have to take a break to now work on apparel orders for a bit then move back to bandana orders. 
      • We have just emailed all email subscribers updates on what's currently happening at the shop and order statuses.
    • 10/18/22: All bandana ONLY pre-orders have been shipped. Packages are being dropped off at the post office 10/19/22.
    • 10/19/22: All remaining pre-orders with apparel items in them will be worked on today/the rest of this week.
      • As always, we do quick updates via our Instagram + Facebook stories and we have a dedicated channel in our discord server for order updates.
      • Click HERE to join our Discord server.
    • 10/22/22: It only took about 8 additional business days, but all orders containing pre-orders for this 2nd round are COMPLETE! The remaining orders will be dropped at the post office on Monday, 10/24/22.
      • Next up are the bandana extras from this 2nd round.